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T.F.O Thread

    This product is made of 100% 1.2DX38mm T353 polyseter staple fiber of high-tenacity,low-elongation by Toray of Malaysia,processed by world top textile machinery like SAVIO of Switzerland,SSM precision winder and VOLKMMAN two-for-one twister of Germany,finished by exhaust lubricating technique.The product is knotless in 10 thousand meters and is endowed with approximately ideal effect of gloss,low hairness and smooth-touch.Moreover,TFO is top polyester sewing thread featuring very good color fastness,low water shrinkage and environmentally friendly production.

    Specification: 20S/2, 20S/3, 30S/2, 30S/3, 40S/2, 40S/3, 50S/2, 50S/3, 60S/2, 60S/3


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