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Nylon Thread

    These threads are made from continuous filaments of nylon, and are available in soft or bonded finishes. The bonded products are treated with a liquid resin and then cured and lubed. The bonding prevents fraying at a cut end, helps resist untwisting tendencies in multidirectional sewing, and protects the thread from abrasion and heat damage in the needles of high-speed sewing. The soft-finished product is treated with a topical lubricant and is used in less stringent sewing operations where bonding is not required.

100% Nylon -- Fiber is inherently resistant to abrasion and many other adverse exposures; e.g., chemicals and sunlight
Specifically engineered -- Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to suit numerous applications
Strong -- Results in very high loop strength and seam strength values
Highly durable -- Broad range of lustrous colorfast fashion shades, including some fluorescent colors
Controlled-stretch processing -- Excellent sewability for optimum operator and sewing machine efficiencies; excellent extension and recovery
Regular Specification: 75D, 120D, 150D, 210D, 280D, 300D

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