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Core Spun Thread

    Core threads are manufactured by spinning polyester staple cover around a bundle of continuous filament polyester fibers. Two or more of these strands are then plied together to make a sewing thread. The polyester core provides strength, and the fiber wrap gives core threads superior all-around performance. The thread lubricant is retained well by the surface fibers and results in exceptional sewing performance.

    Core threads of varying sizes are used in everything from fine blouses to heavy coveralls, and are recommended for automatic sewing machines.


Corespun construction -- Combines the aesthetics of a spun product with the strength of a continuous filament; very versatile
Dual Duty -- A 100% knotless product; interruption-free sewing; improves efficiency of equipment and operators with fewer imperfections
Polyester wrapped -- Improves sewability; excellent needle heat resistance
High strength-to-size ratio -- Excellent seam strength; superior performance in the most demanding, high-speed operations
High modulus, low elongation -- Minimizes puckering; improves sewability for manual and automated sewing

    Regular Specification: 16S/2, 16S/3, 20S/2, 20S/3, 20S/4, 25S/2, 25S/3, 28S/2, 28S/3, 35S/2, 40S/2, 40S/3, 45S/2, 52S/2, 55S/2

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